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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

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Materials Analysis (MA)

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Medical Devices

Medical devices (such as the dialysis membrane) can be characterized for their size, shape, composition, ultrastructure, as well as additives.


Wound Dressing | The first figure shows the SEM image of the non-woven fabric; the second figure shows the ultrathin cross-section of the fabric, gold nanoparticles on the edge of the fiber can be clearly visualized.


Dialysis membrane | The first figure shows the SEM image of the internal structure of a dialysis membrane. The second figure shows the pores on interior membrane.



Structure analysis of cosmetic contact lenses

One can exactly analyze the porous hydrogel and pigment layer structures in contact lenses through high resolution of EM images. And, the composition of pigment layer can be also detected at the same time by EDX analysis.


The SEM images show the porous structure of the hydrogel of contact lenses.



The SEM images show the pigment layer structure of contact lenses and its EDX measurement result.



The image analysis of facial mask material

What of the material applied is always crucial to the cosmetic effect for facial masks. And, the additive essence and mask material need to be well selected and matched with each other to get the best effect. Bio MA-Tek provides professional and high quality services in sample preparation and electron microscopic observation, for achieving comprehensive analyses on the structure, composition and physicochemical characterization for medical devices and cosmetics in their raw materials or final product forms. By our image analysis services about facial masks, it can provide customers with further competitiveness of "seeing is believing" in the market.















The composition and additives of essence in a facial mask 



The fiber structure of a facial mask



The compositions of the additives in a facial mask