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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

Circuit Edit (CKT)

Materials Analysis (MA)

Application Forms


MA-tek FTP

Sustainability report

IC Packaging Case Study

Analysis Cases


Appearance, Dimension Measurement

Optical profiler, OM, SEM

Lead Frame Condition

X-ray, SEM

Defect Isolation


Failure Analysis

X-ray, SAT, Optical profiler, SEM, TEM

Composition Analysis


ESD Testing

HBM, MM, CDM, Latch-up



(a) OP;(b) SEM;(c) Metal fingers formation on FPC ;(d) Photo mask inspection




Optical Microscope






Non Contact 3D Surface Profiler


  • Flatness, surface roughness, step height, deformation and waviness
  • 2-D and 3-D profile



  • Accurate, fast and no sample preparation is needed
  • An extremely wide range of surface heights is capable to be profiled. (~180μm)
  • The benefits of optical surface profilometry include
    - Excellent height resolution
    - High measurement speed
    - Ability to perform non-contact measurements of delicate surfaces


Surface defects characterization

(a) OP;(b) SEM;(c) LED ;(d) Au Bump


100 μm Bump Profiler

20 μm Bump Profile




X-ray Photography


This system was designed specifically for the PCB Assembly Market

  • BGA Inspectin
  • Solder Interconnects of Active & Passive Components
  • Voiding Calculation
  • Hybrid Components


Additionally, useful for inspection of electromechanical components, which are encapsulated

  • Sensors
  • Relays
  • Fuses
  • Coils
  • Wirebonds
  • Die-Attach




  • Anti-Collision Design
  • AIM Technology with Intuitive Sample Positioning
  • High Magnification, Third Dimension Inspection
  • Dynamic Real-Time Image Processing
  • Open Microfocus X-ray Tube
  • True X-ray Intensity (TXI) Control
  • Ergonomic Workstation
  • Large Board Capability up to 610 mm x 610 mm (24” x 24”)




X-ray Photography Examples




Scanning Acoustic Microscope

This system evaluation is designed specially for semiconductor electronics with molding compound, which will be ideal for examination of minor defects such as,
  • Package crack
  • Delamination
  • Die crack
  • Void in resin
  • Poor die attachment
  • poor wire bonding


MA-tek system is featured by 3D imaging, real-time 3D imaging, 0.5 um high resolution, 1000 mm/sec high speed, A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, S-image, and  T-scan. 




Product Failure Analysis


(a)I-V Curve;(b)SAT;(c)X-ray;(d)SEM;(e)SEM;(f)SEM




SEM Imaging









SEM/EDX Mapping Analysis



Failed Bump after Reliability Testing

(a)OM Image of Post FIB Cutting;(b)FIB cross-sectioning ;(c)TEM Image




High Resistance Bumping Issue




SIMS Applications


(a)CAMECA ims-6f ;High Transmission and High Mass Resolution

(b)ATOMIKA sims 4500;High Depth Resolution, Ultra-Shallow Junction


  • Ultra-shallow junction analysis
  • Very thin layer (tens angstrom) analysis
  • Doping profile/Depth profile
  • Back side Cu Diffusion
  • Contamination verification
  • Excellent detection limit (ppm to ppb)
  • Can detect all elements and isotopes, including H
  • Excellent depth resolution, 1nm is possible
  • Quantification by standard reference
  • Insulator can be measured


(a)Ultra Shallow Junction

(b)High Depth Resolution




Total Solution of ESD Service

Wide Span of Service Scope

  • Various testing modes [HBM, MM, socket CDM, non-socket CDM, latch-up]
  • Room temperature and high temperature testing facility (-20℃ - 225℃)
  • Dynamic Latch-up testing capability - vector input board with high frequency
  • Universal BGA socket for ESD/Latch-up testing
  • COB testing and packaged IC (BGA, QFN, QFP, DIP, TSOP...etc.) testing
  • Wire bonding and packaging services
  • [Au/Al wiring, die mount, epoxy encapsulation]
  • System level testing of module, mother board, and electronic system by ESD gun


Customized Service

  • Establishment of ESD/Latch-up design rules
  • Design of I/O cell library, specific pad circuitry
  • Consultancy of ESD protection scheme


Cycle Time Commitment

  • Report delivery in 24 hrs, total testing time ≦ 5 hrs
  • Report delivery in 48 hrs, total testing time ≦ 15 hrs