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Social Responsibility Policy

To create a people-centric workplace where every employee's voice is heard, MA-tek ensures through various formal and informal communication channels that supervisors have opportunities to listen to frontline staff. This fosters internal consensus and strives to meet the needs of each employee. Additionally, MA-tek organizes numerous team-building activities such as family days, social gatherings, hiking days, clubs, and cultural and creative lectures, aiming to cultivate a warm MA-tek family environment.


Labor Policy


1. Equal in Recruitment and Freedom of Choice in Occupation

MA-tek conducts its recruitment through a variety of recruitment channels and bases its selections upon applicants’ professional abilities and skills. Employees will not be discriminated against because of their age, gender, race, religion, nationality, party, birthplace, sexual orientation, marital status, appearance, or mental or physical disability. There is no slavery or human trafficking. All work will be voluntary and employees are free to leave upon reasonable notice.


2. Child and Adolescent Labor

MA-tek abides by the Taiwan Labor Standards Act and the code of conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance. We do not hire anyone under the age of 16. Workers under the age of 18 (adolescent workers) do not engage in any work that might endanger their health or safety, including taking night shifts and working overtime. To ensure that there are no mistakes, employees must provide the company with valid identification.


3. Work Hours

An employee’s work hours shall not exceed the maximum stipulated by the Labor Standards Act.

Employees will be entitled at least one day off in every seven days.All overtime is to be undertaken voluntarily. In other words, employees will not be forced to work overtime.


4. Wages and Benefits

All wages paid comply with the relevant labor laws and regulations, including minimum wage, overtime and statutory benefits regulations. Wages will not be deducted for disciplinary purposes. Overtime pay will be higher than the regular hourly rate, and the overtime multiplier will be higher than stated in the Labor Standards Act.

To ensure the soundness of our compensation system, we conducts regular market surveys and policy reviews. These together with the performance evaluation system provide a basis for deciding employees’ starting salaries, salary adjustments, promotions and bonuses.


5. Humane Treatment

MA-tek is committed to ensure that there is to be no harsh and inhumane treatment, including any sexual harassment, corporal punishment, extreme mental or physical pressure or verbal abuse of employees.


6. No Discrimination

MA-tek promises that employees will not have to face harassment or discrimination because of their race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, political party, association membership, marital status, etc. either during the recruitment process or at work. This includes the recruitment screening and hiring process, employee distribution, assignments, performance evaluations and promotions, etc.. Except where it is justified by the nature of the work, there will be no discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. In addition, while employees are performing their duties, they are prohibited from treating other employees in a discriminatory manner or harassing them in any way (including sexual harassment as defined by the Gender Equality in Employment Act).



Ethics Policy


1. A Clean Operation

All employees should conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner. They should avoid conflicts of interest between their work and their personal lives and refrain from participating in any form of corruption such as extortion and the misappropriation of company funds.


2. Do Not Accept Illegitimate Gains

All employees are required to abstain from providing or accepting any form of benefit to or from our business partners, especially when doing so may jeopardize  the making of fair and objective business decisions. Employees and their families are also required to avoid violating the principles of business integrity. This means they should not engage in bribery, fraud, etc.


3. Disclosure of Information

As long as doing so does not violate any company or legal standards or regulations, business activities may be disclosed in accordance with the applicable laws and industry practices. These include organization structure, financial status and performance, etc..


4. Intellectual Property Rights

We are committed to complying with the relevant intellectual property laws and regulations.


5. Fair Transactions, Advertising, and Competition

MA-tek is committed to fair trade. We do not participate in illegal forms of marketing such as using false advertising.


6. Identity Protection and Retaliation Prevention

We ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of supplier and employee whistleblowers to protect their identities and prevent retaliation.


7. Confidentiality

Within reason, MA-Tek will protect the personal information and privacy of those we do business with (suppliers, customers and employees). The collection, storage, processing, and sharing of any personal information due to business needs will be done in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law.



 A Happy Working Environment

MA-tek offers a diverse range of welfare measures to cultivate a workplace environment that promotes employee happiness. In addition to statutory benefits, employees enjoy various perks such as annual health check-ups and counseling services, recognition for long-serving and outstanding mentors, marriage and childbirth subsidies, employee travel allowances, hospitalization and condolence benefits, and festival gift vouchers.


Despite facing challenges like the pandemic and global economic uncertainties in recent years, MA-tek has not reduced employee benefits. Instead, through employee surveys, the Company has listened to their feedback to boost organizational morale. Apart from significantly increasing employees’ year-end bonuses and added dedicated parking for pregnant employees, MA-tek has also provided improved support for mothers and infants in the workplace, creating a secure and joyful work environment. In 2023, MA-tek also offered additional employee activities like guided day trips where employees could bring along a family member for free.



We are a Team

We regularly organize fun activities for our employees and their families such as Family Days, Christmas parties, Hiking Days, Basket-Shooting Contests and more. We also hold big events like the Escape Room and the End of Year Lottery. In addition, we grant subsidies for club activities and encourage employees to participate. We want to help our employees manage any stress and find a good balance between their work and their personal lives.


1. Special Offers from High-End Stores

We have signed special contracts with external retailers/kindergartens which give our employees access to special discounts.


2. Special Promotions

On occasion, we cooperate with external stores to provide LCD televisions, accomodation vouchers and a variety of other great offers for employees to choose from.


3. Diverse and Enriching Recreational Activities for Employees


2023 Christmas Charity Family Day


2023 Party

Badminton club


Fitness club


Painting club

Since its establishment in 2020, the Painting club at MA-tek has been one of the most popular clubs within the Company. The Chairperson has been an enthusiastic member since the first session, never missing a class. The Company's reception hall has been transformed into an art gallery, showcasing works created by the Chairperson and employees. Every Thursday after work, the Company meeting room turns into an art studio, where engineers swap their computer screens for blank canvases. Through painting, employees explore new creative spaces, find emotional balance, and achieve a better work-life balance.



General Knowledge Courses

MA-tek operates within the knowledge economy, distinct from typical electronics manufacturing. It not only provides clients with valuable instrument operation services but also combines consulting and advisory functions. This enables MA-tek to offer the most reliable analytical and testing services for the development of new processes and materials in high-tech industries. As a service-oriented company within the tech sector, MA-tek recognizes the importance of both hard skills, such as research and development, and soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and presentation abilities. Therefore, in addition to professional technical courses, MA-tek also offers general knowledge courses to enhance the overall soft skills and competitiveness of its employees.


2023 Key Service Skills Training Course

2023 Personalized Communication Skills Course


Open Communication Channels

Effective two-way communication is key to fostering harmonious employee relations. To achieve efficient communication and problem resolution, MA-tek offers the following channels for employees to express their feedback and opinions. By establishing diverse and accessible communication pathways, MA-tek enhances employee identification and cohesion.