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IPFA 2022 Art of FA Contest|MA-tek Wins Two of the Top Three Places!


The 2022 ART of Failure Analysis Photo Contest (ART of FA) was organized by the 29th IEEE International Symposium of the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA 2022). All failure analysis teams were welcomed to participate. The goal of the contest was to encourage engineers to work hard and exercise their limitless imagination to uncover the beauty hidden in these black and white images.


The IPFA (International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits) was established by the Singapore branch of the  IEEE and has been held every two years since 2002. It focuses on the electrical and physical failure analysis of traditional and new CMOS devices and is aimed at improving the yield of future circuit and module designs. Considered the premier temple to semiconductor failure analysis in Asia, it, along with the  ISTFA exhibition in the United States and the  ESREF exhibition in Europe, are the three pillars of this field.


As a professional analysis technology company, MA-tek possesses the most advanced equipment. Through the lenses of precision instruments, we can capture not only the details of samples but also some unexpected and beautiful pictures like the illustrations by an artist. This year, top engineers from MA-tek’s failure analysis team signed up for the  ART of FA contest. When the winners were announced in the 2022 annual forum, it was revealed that MA-tek had seized two of the top three places in one fell swoop. MA-tek is truly honored to receive this recognition of artistic merit from these international judges!



The 2nd  Prize


Observing the microstructure of the silicon wafer surface through an electron microscope. Although it is a failed process, it is another aesthetic. Like a sunflower, the sun is full of vigor.



The 3rd Prize


The sea anemone is a wonderful creature. It is an invertebrate animal that can move its tentacles left and right.




Click here to the IPFA webpage:https://www.ipfa-ieee.org/2022/