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MA-tek Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for the 113th Year is now open for applications start




Materials Analysis Technology Inc. Program Overview


Since 2021, an annual investment of 20 million New Taiwan Dollars has been allocated to establish the "MA-tek Industry-Academia Collaboration Program." This initiative aims to fund up to 20 projects each year domestically. The focus is on soliciting research proposals centered around the development of high-tech products and themes related to manufacturing, packaging, testing, and systems, utilizing advanced analytical and diagnostic techniques. The program supports academic institutions in their preliminary research and development of innovative components, materials, and creative concepts.
To this end, we openly invite outstanding scholars in related research fields. MA-tek Inc. provide advanced analytical instrument services and combine research resources from academic units to collaborate on advancing both fundamental and applied research, creating a win-win situation for industry and academia.



Program Details


Starting in 2021, MA-tek is committing NT$20 million annually to establish the "MA-tek Industry-Academia Cooperation Program," funding 20 projects each year. The program seeks research projects that develop high-tech products in manufacturing, packaging, testing, and systems while utilizing advanced analysis and testing techniques. This program supports academic institutions in early-stage research and development of innovative devices, materials, and concepts.





MA-tek invites distinguished scholars in related research fields to participate. By providing high-end analytical instrument services and combining academic resources, we aim to promote fundamental and applied research, creating a win-win situation for both academia and industry.


Eligible Applicants

University research teams that have innovative research topics in materials, processes, or components, and require the analytical services provided by MA-tek Inc. Each individual is limited to one application per year.



The schedule for the 113th year plan

  • Application Period: Applications will be accepted starting from May 7, until the deadline on June 18 of 2024.
  • Results Announcement: Selection results will be notified to each service center and applicant by July 16, 2024.
  • Program Execution Period: The program will run from August 1 of 2024 to July 31 of 2025.


Selection Criteria

Priority will be given to research topics related to quantum computing, silicon photonics, compound semiconductors, advanced manufacturing processes, optoelectronic materials, and packaging technologies.
Projects should demonstrate innovation or potential for future application development.
The implementation of the project is expected to utilize the analytical instruments provided by MA-tek Inc.


MA-tek provides cutting-edge analytical testing services in nine primary areas:
1. Non-destructive Structure Analysis (3D X-ray, SAT, Thermal EMMI)
2. Microstructure and Composition Analysis (Sample Prep, High-Resolution TEM, SEM, FIB, EDS, EBSD, EELS, NBD, SAD)
3. Impurity Concentration Detection (SIMS, SRP, SCM, XPS, Auger)
4. Contamination and Trace Detection (TOF-SIMS, XPS, FTIR, XRF)
5. Liquid TEM Analysis (K-kit)
6. Device-Level Electrical Measurement and Defect Localization (C-AFM, Nano-probing, EBIC/EBAC, PEM, OBIRCH, Thermal EMMI)
7. ESD Testing (HBM, MM, CDM, Latch-up, TLP, EOS)
8. Reliability Testing (HTOL, HAST, TCT, BLT, TS, Vibration, Shock, H2S corrosion, AMR/AMI, HRTB)
9. Physicochemical Analysis (ICP-MS, TGA, LC-MS)




1.Budget Allocation

Q1.How should the project's budget be planned?

No budget needs to be pre-allocated. Applicants only need to detail the experimental concept and the instruments required. MA-tek technical experts will assist in planning the equipment usage and estimating the expenses accordingly.



Q2.Are there any rules or restrictions on the budget distribution?

The primary aim of the MA-tek Industry-Academia Cooperation Program is to improve the quality of analysis and testing during research and development. The suggested budget allocation is:

  • 70% - Equipment Usage Fees (MA-tek Premium Instruments)
  • 20% - School Management Fees
  • 10% - Personnel, materials, and other operational costs (Applicants are encouraged to use existing personnel to minimize expenses)



Q3. How does the funding process work?

The application process will follow a flowchart. Each project will be assigned a MA-tek program manager to assist with technical communication and project execution.



貳、Other Questions



Q1.Are there any restrictions on the role of the project lead?


The project lead must be a full-time professor (assistant, associate, or full) at one of the nine universities, excluding adjunct professors and lecturers.



Q2.How is intellectual property (IP) shared?

In principle, IP is shared 50/50. However, details will vary based on each institution's policies and the specific project.



Q3.What about equipment conditions?

Applicants should detail the equipment required for project execution in their application. MA-tek will prioritize evaluating existing equipment. Technical experts will offer suggestions during the project discussion phase. MA-tek's project management team will also assist with the analysis process and setting experimental parameters.



Q4.What is the purpose of launching this cooperation program?

MA-tek Chairman Hsieh Yung-Fen, a former president of the National Tsing Hua University Alumni Association, recognized the academic community's financial challenges and the lack of access to advanced equipment. Therefore, she instructed MA-tek to allocate annual funding to provide high-spec analysis and testing services to the best academic laboratories, supporting more outstanding research projects.



Q5.Can projects not related to quantum computing, compound semiconductors, advanced processes, optoelectronic materials, or manufacturing and packaging apply?

Yes, any research with innovation or future application potential that uses MA-tek's high-end analytical instruments is welcome.



For detailed information, please refer to the program description. If you have any related questions, please contact the technical contact:
  • Technical Contact:Mr.Chris Chen | 03-611-6678 ext.3250 | JDP@ma-tek.com
Applicants interested in MA-tek Industry-Academia funding should prepare documents in the MA-tek proposal format and email the electronic files to the administrative contact within the submission period. Late submissions, incomplete documents, or non-compliant submissions will not be accepted.
  • Application Submission Contact:Ms.Pey Ru  Chiu | 03-611-6678 ext.3815 | JDP@ma-tek.com