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Sustainability report

MA-tek’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report was Launched!


We pursue sustainable development as we continue to expand our services across the globe

Advancements in science and technology and economic development are paving the way for a movement towards globalization; it comes along with a rapid growth of the developments in international corporate social responsibility globally. As our company continues to grow, MA-tek has decided that, in addition to disclosing our financial information to investors, we will begin compiling our own ESG reports in 2021 to better address our responsibilities to the environment and our community. We will pay special attention to the issues relevant to the company’s stakeholders and strengthening corporate governance. The goal is to evaluate where we are and help ourselves stay on track as we pursue sustainable management. It is our goal to be not just an environmentally friendly company but one that is also able to create a happy working environment. Let us prosper together!



Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility: The implementation of ESG goals is for the future

Corporate social responsibility emphasizes that, in addition to maximizing benefits for its stockholders, corporations should take into consideration the rights and interests of other stakeholders. In other words, the company should be to “Take from society and give back to society”. It should consider more than just making money for shareholders. It should also contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment and seek to gain the approval of customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


The FSC has released the latest “Corporate Governance 3.0 Sustainable Development Roadmap”. Moving forward, our five main corporate governance principles for practicing social responsibility will be “Strengthen the board of directors and enhance sustainability”, “Improve transparency and promote sustainable operations”, “Strengthen communications with stakeholders and create a good channel for interaction”, “Meet international standards and guide due diligence” and “Build up the company’s sustainable governance culture and provide diverse products”. In addition, the Roadmap pointed out that the corporate social responsibility (CSR) report is being renamed the Sustainability Report (or ESG Report). It also promoted the use of English to help facilitate information disclosure as that would expand the scope of third-party verifications of sustainability reports, thus improving the disclosure quality of non-financial information.



MA-tek attaches great importance to social responsibility and so has chosen to prepare our own ESG Report

According to FSC regulations, all listed companies in the food, chemical, finance, and insurance industries with a capital of more than five billion must prepare ESG reports. Starting from 2023, listed companies with a capital of more than two billion must also write social responsibility reports. These reports help companies demonstrate their efficacy in promoting corporate social responsibility.  Companies not already required to prepare ESG reports by existing regulations may also choose to take the initiative to write and publish ESG reports in order to help promote awareness of social responsibility and respond to the expectations and needs of their stakeholders.


Though MA-tek has not yet crossed the threshold to be required to prepare ESG reports, we are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility. In addition to constantly striving to provide our customers with “precise, accurate, efficient and effective” services, we attach great importance to talent cultivation and employee rights. To encourage the disadvantaged and give back to society, we make regular and irregular charitable donations. Furthermore, we make sure that our waste disposal processes abide by environmental protection regulations. Now, in our continuing support of corporate social responsibility, we will begin preparing independent ESG reports in 2021. We will do our best to grow together with you.


MA-tek has been focused on refining our issue management policies. After considering the characteristics of the industry and Ma-tek’s operating conditions, we identified the 21 sustainability issues most closely related to Ma-tek. From there, we conducted questionnaire surveys to better understand “Stakeholders’ levels of concern” for these issues. In addition, we completed an internal evaluation of the “operating impact” of each sustainability issue on MA-tek and identified the most major of these issues. A total of 11 material issues are summarized for 2020, including 9 core issues and 2 supplementary material issues.


【Ma-tek’s 9 Core Issues】


  • Customer Privacy: Establish a management mechanism for preventing the leakage of customers’ privacy information and pay attention to the relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  • Information Security: Formulate information security polices to ensure the stability of the information system and the maintenance of company and customer data.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Publicize environmental and labor laws and regulations and fully expose any major violations.
  • Technical Service and Quality: Establish quality standards (including acquiring international certifications) and implement service quality management to provide stable, high-quality testing services.
  • Customer Relations and Development: Provide a customer service platform and troubleshooting mechanism, investigate customer service satisfaction, and explore the development of potential customers and market needs.
  • Corporate Governance: Pay close attention to shareholder rights, investor relations, the functions and independence of the board of directors, professionalism, the formulation and implementation of the code of conduct and the operation of various functional committees, etc.
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Management: Invest in technological innovation and development, improve testing service technology, and improve the intellectual property rights management procedures.
  • Business Performance: Disclose and explain the annual operating performance and whether to apply for government subsidies or rewards.
  • Sustainable Development Strategies: Set sustainable business goals that take into consideration the actual situation in terms of economic performance, environmental protection and social participation.


【MA-tek’s 2 Supplementary Issues】


  • Recruitment and Development: Develop strategies for recruiting outstanding talents, plan professional technical training, and assist employees with career development.
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits: Provide a good employee remuneration and benefits system as well as care and support measures for employees’ families.



Welcome to download MA-tek’s 2020 ESG Report

MA-tek commissioned Deloitte Taiwan to verify our ESG report and confirm our compliance with the relevant standards, the “Regulations Governing the Preparation and Filing of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report by OTC Companies” by the Taiwan OTC Exchange, and the core principles of the GRI Standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). And now our ESG report has been certified.



We welcome anyone who is interested to download MA-tek’s 2020 ESG report. Understand that MA-tek is actively pursuing transparency and openness. It is our goal to govern the company efficiently and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. We hope to cooperate with our customers, employees, upstream and downstream suppliers, and partners on the sustainable development of the environment, social participation and other important issues. The goal is to create an environment in which all enterprises can be sustainably operated and developed.


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