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We provide customers with a full range of analysis services and consulting services. If a customer has concerns, we communicate with them promptly. We aim to understand customers’ needs to enhance interactions and cooperation.


To this end, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys and regularly review possible improvements in managers meetings.


Contact:Sales Dept. | Ms.Ruby Chai

: +886-3-6116678 ext : 3821 

: +886-3-5630777

Email (General Enquiries):rubychai@ma-tek.com

Email (Appeal or Report Problems):ir@ma-tek.com




We have established supplier evaluation procedures and management operations. We build close, long-term relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and benefit as well as the common pursuit of sustainable growth for both ourselves and our partners.


Contact:Purchasing Dept.

: +886-3-6116678 ext : 3733

: +886-3-5630777

Email (General Enquiries):pur@ma-tek.com

Email (Appeal or Report Problems):ir@ma-tek.com




Shareholders can always contact a company spokesperson. Our stock affairs agencies and dedicated personnel handle issues such as shareholder suggestions and disputes. You can also visit “Investors” section on our website.


We disclose our financial business performance and other corporate governance matters according to regulations to assist investors with understanding our operations.


Contact:Finance Dept.| Ms. Lee

: +886-3-6116678 ext : 3766

: +886-3-5630777

Email (General Enquiries):stock@ma-tek.com

Email (Appeal or Report Problems):ir@ma-tek.com




All labor-related affairs will be handled in accordance to the relevant laws and regulations. In addition to a safe and comfortable workplace, we provide our employees with appropriate training and development opportunities, reasonable salaries and benefits. We have also set up easy-to-use channels for employees to provide their suggestions and feedback.


Any new or revised labor-related measures and proposals will only be finalized after full negotiations and the agreement of both parties to ensure mutually beneficial conclusions.



Email (Employee Complaints): hr@ma-tek.com


Community Members


We actively participate in community service and donate regularly to charity. We are committed to maintaining our Earth’s resources and reducing the impacts on our environment.