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MA-tek is the world-class analytical lab, the best R&D partner.

Founded in 2002, Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek) is a world-class laboratory providing services in Materials Analysis (MA), Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Testing (RA) services. In line with the exponential rate of the business’s development, MA-tek has successfully expanded to be equipped with additional Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Testing (RT) services. These integrations allow for MA-tek to provide superior service for its customers in various industries. MA-tek currently has 11 laboratories set up around the world, providing around-the-clock assistance in logistic support and technical services.


MA-tek is an independent lab with ISO9001 and IECQ17025 international accreditations, and filed for an IPO in August 2009. Daily operation has employed the management skills of process control and quality assurance in its mass production business model. Excellent consulting practices and highly efficient analysis techniques ensure response time and data delivery within 24 hours. Various inquiries have allowed for monthly output to exceed 4,000 cases. Constant business expansion will lead to a guaranteed increase in customer base to more than 800 companies.


MA-tek focuses on capital investment of the analytical systems in solid state electronics and novel materials applications. Our equipment capacity and performance characteristics have brought our labs to the highest tier of this professional field. The ultimate goal of our labs is to be the most advanced research center while staying dedicated to being close RD partners with our clients.



MA-tek is the world-class analytical lab in Materials Analysis

To be a knowledge and capital intensive RD Center in the high tech industry

Considering the great IoT opportunities that 5G has to offer, governments around the globe are scrambling to establish new standards in an attempt to gain market dominance. At present, EU has decided to allocate the 694Mhz-790Mhz band to 5G communication, and major telecom operators can expect to receive 5G licenses by June 2020. In the US, the largest wireless communication service provider, Verizon Wireless, is working with Korea-based Samsung to begin 5G deployment and testing in five cities. T-Mobile US Inc also plans to kick off 5G services in 2019 and complete nationwide roll-out by 2020. China’s state-led 5G development is based on its Made in China 2025 initiative. They completed the world’s largest 5G trial network in March 2017.



To provide mandatory quality and reliability assurance labs in every industrial park

As an indispensable working partner, MA-tek provides QRA related technical services in many industrial parks to match with customer needs in the supply chain of the electronic industry. It covers IC circuit editing, ESD testing, IC packaging, reliability burn-in, and IC testing. In order to be located close to customers and to guarantee 1 day turn-around-time (TAT), MA-tek has set up 11 labs, situated throughout the world, to provide prompt and convenient service to our customers. Our ultimate vision is to set up MA-tek analytical labs in every high-tech industrial park, similar to how fast food services such as McDonalds and Starbucks can be found at every corner. This will allow for standardized, friendly, and easy access.



To work as a medical center for newly designed products/processes and low yield products

Employing medical services to combat human diseases, MA-tek possesses similar functional systems such as scanning acoustic tomography (SAT), X-Ray topography, electron microscopes, and hot emission microscopes for fault isolation. We are able to support yield enhancement in product engineering and wafer processing with powerful EFA and PFA tools. With the aids of the same logical diagnostic, analysis, consultancy, and FIB circuit editing, MA-tek has been well regarded as an analysis research center for new design products, in-process wafers, and field return products.



Technology research and development platform & quality assurance laboratory common to various industries

MA-tek was approved by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to provide R&D services and intellectual property rights services at the beginning of the establishment in 2002.

MA-tek was certified by ISO-9001 management certification, IECQ-17025 laboratory certification, ISO-27001, ISO/IEC-15408 CC EAL6 in Information Security and also passed the on-site audits by international customers.

Our microscopic size measurement results can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to verify the measurement standards, which can provide customers with international-level high-quality analysis services.

Quality Policy

MA-tek is a company with ISO 9001, IECQ 17025, ISO 27001, TUV NORD(Automotive), ANSI/ESD S20.20 also ISO 15408 certifications, and is the only lab in Taiwan awarded the Industrial Excellence Award by the IDB (2008).


MA-tek’s method of dimension measurement of analytical data can be traced back to the NIST Standard (National Institute of Standard and Technology).


Milestone since MA-tek founded in 2002










  • Approved by the 2022 Intellectual Wealth Management & Intellectual Property Disclosure Review
  • MA-tek (Shanghai) certificated by "Enterprise R&D Institutions" in Pudong New Area and "Specialized Enterprise" in Shanghai
  • Awarded the 2022 e-invoice outstanding business operator by the Taiwan Ministry of Finance
  • Set up Shenzhen Lab and Shanghai Jinqiao Lab II.






  • Certified by Taiwan Intellectual Property System (TIPS) as Level A.
  • Set up Tainan Lab-II in Tainan Hi-Tech Industrial Park.
  • Chairman Dr. Hsieh awarded The Best Female CEOs in Taiwan by Harvard Business Review.
  • Set up Jubei Lab-II in Tai-Yuan Hi-Tech Industrial Park.
  • MA-tek (Shanghai) certificated by High and New Tech Enterprises Certification.
  • Chairman Dr. Hsieh awarded the ERSO award by Pan Wen Yuan Foundation.





  • Certified by ISO/IEC 15408 CC EAL6 in Information Security.
  • Ranked #83 among Top 100 rapid growth companies in Taiwan 2019 by CommonWealth Magazine.





  • Set up Nagoya Lab in Japan to provide Materials Analysis (MA).
  • Established the MA-tek Xiamen Educational Consulting Inc.





  • Passed the ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification in ESD protection
  • Chairman Dr. Hsieh awarded the EY Entrepreneur award by Ernst & Young Global Limited.
  • Chairman Dr. Hsieh qualified as a fellow of the Taiwan Material Science Society.






  • JS Lab certificated by TUV NORD Certification in Automotives
  • Established the MA-tek Xiamen subsidiary





  • Certified by ISO 27001 in Information Security




  • Established the MA-tek Tainan Science Park subsidiary
  • Reinvested to establish Bio MA-tek Inc. and introduce liquid sample analysis (K-kit) service





  • The ESD&LU testing services provided by SH lab pass the Texas Instrument certification.
  • The only independent lab which been selected as the A+ company by Global Views Monthly Magazine.



  • Passed the CG6007 general corporate governance evaluation of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA)
  • Selected as one of the Top 500 high tech and high growth companies in 2012 by Deloitte.




  • Established the MA-tek USA subsidiary




  • Listed on Taiwan OTC market (3587)




  • Received Industrial Excellence Award, the best performance recognition, by the Taiwan Economy Ministry's Industry Development Bureau (IDB).
  • Set up Jinshan Lab (JS Lab) in Hsinchu, Taiwan to provide comprehensive Reliability Testing services.
  • The paid-in capital reached 337.14 million after 39 million of earnings retained and employee stock purchase plan.
  • Set up SoC Lab in the SoC Center in Hsinchu Science Park to centralize materials analysis services (TEM, SIMS, XPS, DB-FIB).
  • Stock listed in Emerging Stock Market, Taiwan





  • Established MA-tek Japan Inc. to promote the Japanese analytical market
  • Set up Shanghai Lab (SH Lab) in Zhangjian Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China to provide EFA, PFA, and ESD testing services.
  • The paid-in capital reached 298.18 million after 51 million of earnings retained and 42 million of cash investment increased.




  • Ranked #157 among Top 500 rapid growth companies in Asia 2006 and 2012.
  • The paid-in capital reached 205.17 million after 34 million of earning retained and 30 million of cash and technology investment increased.
  • Ranked #32 among Top 50 rapid growth companies in Taiwan 2006 by Deloitte.
  • Set up HC Lab in Hsinchu Science Park to provide EFA, PFA, and ESD testing services.
  • Established the MA-tek Shanghai subsidiary.
  • Established the Hsinchu Science Park subsidiary.
  • Selected as a benchmark company by Taiwan Economy Ministry's Industry Development Bureau (IDB).
  • Completes acquisition of 盛強電子






  • Certified by ISO 9001 and IECQ 17025 in MA and FA fields.
  • Expanded business and integrated Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) and ESD testing services.




  • The paid-in capital reached 68 million after 44 million of cash and technology investment increased.
  • Jubei Lab (JB Lab) open house to provide analytical services covering Materials Analysis (MA) and Physical Failure Analysis (PFA)
  • MA-tek founded in Tai-Yuan Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Jubei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan




Management team

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Yong-Fen Hsieh

President of MA-tek Japan

JH Wang

Vice President & CFO

Sam Lee

Vice President of Materials Analysis Business Group

Ming-Ching Huang

Director of Failure Analysis Business Group

Bright Ho

Deputy Director of Chemical Analysis Business Group

Dr. YT Chung

Director of R&D Center & Marketing Division

Dr. Chris Chen

Director of Administrative Center

Becky Liu

Director of Environmental Safety Division

Hua Shih

Director of QS Division