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Benchmark Analysis

Technical Concept

Benchmark Analysis, known as Product Analysis, has been widely applied in various fields. Before understanding what Benchmark Analysis is, let's look into the product design process first.


In general, the product modeling and function performance were originally generated in the designer’s mind at the very beginning of the product design process. To convert a design idea to a real product by utilizing some technical solutions is a concept we called "forward design".


Benchmark Analysis can be considered as a reversed process of a "forward design" from a product to the original design concept. In this process, all design parameters, layouts, patterns...etc. will be extracted for another reference of a new product design or process improvement.


MA-tek provides two types of Benchmark Analysis as follows:




Construction Analysis

This service can provide customers a lot of valuable information for new product planning strategies, marketing surveys, product positioning, patent infringing studies, etc. With various detailed analysis technologies provided by MA-tek, the key design rules, materials, process details, thicknesses, and compositions of products can be analyzed in a completed prospection.



Some examples of architecture analysis were listed as follows:

  • Micron 256Mb DDR SDRAM Construction Analysis (report download)
  • Intel Pentium D processor 955 Construction Analysis (report download)



Circuitry Analysis

(a)Metal1  (b)Poly  (c)Stained Active Area

(d)Symbol  (e)GDSII Layout-GDSII  (f)Schematic




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