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Technical Concept

Emission microscopy(EMMI), also called photon emission microscopy(PEM)can be used to detect high emission photons (called hot spots) to reflect a corresponding failure location.

Emission microscopy (EMMI), also called photon emission microscopy (PEM), has been widely employed to identify the failure positions of devices. It uses a cold-charge-coupled device (C-CCD) to detect photons with wavelengths between 400 and 1100 nm. Such photons emitting from a semiconductor device are usually donated by electron-photon recombination and thus EMMI is good to detect related failures, such as latch-up.


An area with high emission photons (called hot spots) detected by EMMI reflects a corresponding failure location. Fail isolation is an important step for further failure analysis and therefore EMMI is indispensable in the development of semiconductor devices.












Failures leading to electron-photon recombination

  • P-N Junction leakage
  • Transistor failure caused by an open or short circuit
  • Lat-chup
  • Gate oxide leakage
  • Poly-Si filament
  • Substrate damage
  • device burns out



Artifacts (Normal device emits photons)

  • Floating gates
  • Saturated bipolar transistors or analog MOSFETs
  • Forward biased diode



Emission undetectable

  •  Emission locations that are blocked

a.Buried junctions

b.Leakage locations under a large area of metal lines


  • Ohmic shorts
  • Shorted metal interconnects (EMMI could detect such situations in some specific cases.)
  • Surface conductive paths
  • Silicon conduction paths
  • Small leakage current (<0.1 uA)






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