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To provide an electrical connection between the silicon chip and the external leads of the semiconductor device.


(a)Ball bonding (Gold & Copper wire)   (b)Wedge bonding (Aluminum wire)

  • Chip-on-board:COB bonding
  • Stacked dice / Multi PCB
  • High lead counts
  • Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold: EN/IG
  • Re-bonding of COF and COG




Our Strength

  • High quality and stable bonding services
  • Fast cycle time : delivery in 3 business days
  • Flexibility to meet customer requests 
  • Total solutions : die saw, die mount, Al/Copper/Au wire-bonding, pull/shear test, fast packaging, SAT / X-ray inspection, electrical verification, etc.




Wire bonding cycle



Bonding cycle time

  • Normal - 5 business days
  • Urgent - 3 business days
  • Extra Urgent - 1 business day



Bonding case evaluation



Fine pitch capability- 22/26 um ultrafine bond pad pitch bonding capability

  • Au Wire-Bonding on 26/22 um pitch bonding pads (Linear).


Optical image of a 26um bond pad pitch product
* Gold wire dia. = 0.5 mil

Optical image of a 22um bond pad pitch product
* Gold wire dia. = 0.5 mil


SEM images of a 22um bond pad pitch product
* Gold wire dia. = 0.5 mil



  • Al Wire-Bonding on 50 um pitch bonding pads (Linear).




Bonding Package

(a) Chip-on-board 48 & 64L

(b) Chip-on-board 256L

(c) Chip-on-board 256L(Needle planting of COB) 

(d) Chip-on-board 256L(Needle planting of COB)

(a) SOP 8L Ceramic PKG

(b) DIP 20L Ceramic PKG

(c) DIP 40L Ceramic PKG 

(d) DIP 48L Ceramic PKG



(a) DIP 28L(300MIL) Ceramic PKG

(b) DIP 28L(600MIL) Ceramic PKG

(c) PLCC 68L Ceramic PKG

(d) QFN 7*7 48L Ceramic PKG





Taiwan Lab

Mr. Tien

: +886-3-6116678 ext:4533

: +886- - - - - - -


Shanghai Lab

Mr. Wang

: +86-21-5079-3616 ext:7032

: 138-1758-0946

: bonding_sh@ma-tek.com