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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

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1.Patent Identification

Patent infringement identification is the foremost way to protect the copyrights of high-tech companies when it comes to the circuitry layout and manufacturing technology of advanced electronic products.


This influences our approach to tactical analysis regarding claims and technical report writing. MA-tek has lots of experience in this field, and can directly provide the customer with this service, and can also cooperate with any law office that the customer specifies.



2.Third Party Witness Report

MA-tek obtained ISO9000 and IECQ17025 certifications in June 2004. Our laboratories are qualified and received very high praise from customers for our material analysis, electrical failure analysis, ESD, and reliability tests.


Our exceptional technical teams are able to handle each specific case with professional-grade analysis. We can publish an impartial/reliable report by way of perfection analysis and we follow the regulation format determined by ISO/IECQ.



3.Laboratory Set-up

Ma-tek can help customers set up laboratories with specifications. Before accepting the project, we can provide a proposal for the laboratory scheme that includes which equipment is necessary, price estimates, purchasing procedures, technical training, and methods of laboratory management.



4.Technology Transfer

Ma-tek welcomes customers to request technology transfers of specific analysis techniques. We will not only provide a series of training courses and tool operation training sessions, but we will also provide the standard operation procedure training.



5.Training Courses

In pursuit of allowing the customer to understand the analysis technology, MA-tek will provide a series of training courses as follows:


  1. Introduction of material analysis:Introducing the M/SEM/FIB/TEM/SIMS/EDX/Auger ..etc.
  2. TEM sample preparation:Sample preparation of Si/TFT/III-V’s, P-V TEM.
  3. TEM imaging and principle of operation:Introduction of tool maintenance, basic principles of TEM imaging techniques, EELS, EDX.
  4. SEM imaging and principle of operation:Introduction of tool maintenance, basic principle of SEM imaging technique, EDX/WDX/BSE.
  5. Introduction of reliability testing:Introduction of test tool, test principles, and the standards.
  6. Introduction of FIB and application:principles of circuit repair techniques and its applications, and the limitations and application of FIB in FA.
  7. Introduction of failure analysis:introduction of EFA tools (EMMI/OBIRCH/InGaAs/HP4156C/C-AFM..etc), principles of EFA and PFA, introduction to FA flow, and a case study.
  8. Introduction of special case:IC/ TFT/ LED/ Nano-Materials/ Solar Cell/ Packaging



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