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Environmental Stress Test

The environmental test is the most universal factor for the product reliability, including temperature, humidity, thermal cycle, dust, corrosion, solar and pressure, etc. Confirm the extreme value level of products that are against environmental stress by the simulation of experimental equipment for the acceleration effects.

Since the system product is formed by many parts and components through soldering or assembly, the reliability stress of system product is different from the component in use environment. There are many differences in reliability considerations between system product and components.


The general temperature factors include high temperature, low temperature, temperature change, etc. There are the effects of diffusion, oxidation, intermetallic growth and chemical degradation of packaging components and mechanical damage, such as cracking, chipping, breaking of the package in this dynamic environment. Humidity is another general factor. Accelerate the three basic corrosion models, such as galvanic, electrochemical and direct chemical in the humidity environment. It will also accelerate ion migration. Temperature and humidity are often complex benefits that need to be reviewed at the same time. Some special environments have low temperature and low humidity that will cause serious electrostatics problems, so we must note the effect of special environments.


Other general simulation tests, such as solar, rain, etc., unless they have specific experimental significance that depends on the location or region where the customer's product is used. For example, gas corrosion test is very important for outdoor product due to acidic rain is getting more serious. The system product should use the applicable test factors according to application environment, so reliability test design will become more complicated for the system product.




Environmental Stress Test Items


  • High/Low Temp. Test
  • High Temp. Test
  • Damp Heat Test
  • Temp. Cycling Test
  • Altitude Test
  • ESS by Walk-in
  • Salt spread Test
  • Cyclic Salt Spray Test
  • Dust Test
  • Water Test
  • Gas Corrosion Test
  • Solar Test





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