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Food and Cosmetics

MA-tek provides comprehensive physicochemical characterization services on nanoparticles and their aggregates/agglomerates present in foods or cosmetics (such as lotion, cream, cake powder) in their final product forms. 






Snail mucins in essence

Calcium particles in milk


Nano-additives in beer




MA-tek provides professional and high quality services on comprehensive physicochemical characterizations following the International Standards and Regulatory Guidances. 



  • International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation Report 2012
    Characterization of Nanomaterials II – Insolubility, biopersistence and size measurement in complex media.
  • European Union (EU) Cosmetics Regulatory (EC) No. 1223/2009
    Mandatory labeling of nanomaterials as ingredients in cosmetics (effective 2013/07/11)
  • Unites States Food and Drug Administration Guidance (US FDA) 2012
    Guidance for Industry - Safety of nanomaterials in cosmetic products

  • Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (Ministry of Health and Welfare) Guidance (2015)
    Giddance for Industry-Safety assessment of cosmetic products containing nanomaterials, FDA 器字 No. 1041602379, 2015/7/7.


  • European Food Safety Authority Guidance (ESFA) 2011
    Guidance on the risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in food and feed chain.
  • European Union (EU) Food Regulatory (EC) No. 1169/2011
    Mandatory labeling of nanomaterials as ingredients in foods (effective 2014/12/13).
  • United States Food and Drug Administration Guidance (US FDA) 2012       
    Guidance for Industry: Assessing the effects of significant manufacturing process changes, including emerging technologies, on the safety and regulatory status of food ingredients and food contact substances, including food ingredients that are color additives.