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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

Circuit Edit (CKT)

Materials Analysis (MA)

Application Forms


MA-tek FTP

Sustainability report

Total Analytical solution of Solar Cell

MA-tek In-house Services 



  • Optical (surface morphology)
  • SEM-FIB (grain size, grain orientation, defect characterization)
  • XTEM (layer thickness measurement, defect characterization, phase identification)


  • SIMS (doping concentration, impurity contamination)
  • EDS (materials composition/constituents)


  • EMMI (Emission Microscope)
  • SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography)


Out Sourcing Services 


Solderbility and Film Adhesion


Optical Analysis

  • Reflectivity
  • Ellipsometer (film thickness)

PV (Photo Voltaic) Analysis

  • I-V tester (Isc, Voc, FF, , Rs, Rsh)
  • Light intensity effect, Temperature effect
  • Quantum efficiency (External, Internal)
  • Spectral response

Electrode contact resistance


Light induced degradation