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Workplace Safety Policy and Commitment

MA-tek implements the principle that employees are the most important assets of the Company and believes that protecting employees and providing a safe working environment for employees is the Company’s responsibility. MA-tek promises to provide a safe working environment and training to reduce risk hazard factors and establish a complete and transparent risk communication mechanism. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Management System has not yet been introduced at present, we still actively implement occupational safety and health management projects and strictly comply with the requirements specified in the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other regulatory requirements to establish a safe and secure working life without worries, improve the environment for employee safety, and maintain a foundation for stable long-term corporate operations.



Structure of the Employee Health and Safety Committee




Environmental Hazard Assessment and Improvement Measures

In order to ensure that the Company can effectively identify risks and opportunities related to environmental safety and health to meet the expectations of the Company’s internal and external stakeholders and all employees of zero environmental safety and health risks. MA-tek has set up the Environmental Hazard Identification and Assessment Process and the Laboratory Risk Hazard Identification Execution Plan, according to Article 31 of the Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act to implement the occupational safety and health matters including identification, assessment and control of work environment or work hazards, change management and emergency management, to identify any matters that may affect the public safety of the laboratory or involve the environmental protection issues.MA-tek started to formulate plans in 2020, and completed the standard specification of risk and hazard identification procedures in the first quarter of 2020, including employee work arrangements, potential emergency response, and prevention of past industrial safety and environmental protection issues from recurring.

MA-tek emphasizes comprehensive risk control for all employees, and implements overall prevention during ordinary times, and encourages employees to report possible risks to their superiors immediately upon finding them to prevent the risks in time; and the Audit Unit actively supervises all Execution Units to follow the verification authority and related management practices and procedures to ensure the risk management awareness and degree of execution of all employees.




Risk and Hazard Identification Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan is initiated by the Environmental Safety Division, according to the implementation methods of “Plan,” “Do,” “Check” and “Action,” to call the industrial Safety Committee members to explain the implementation of risk assessment. The committee members of each unit select the high risk factors of the unit for evaluation, and the Environmental Safety Division makes recommendations for improvement plans after confirming whether the evaluation method conforms to the actual situation and confirms the improvement results after implementation.



Environmental Safety and Health Education and Training

MA-tek emphasizes the safety of the workplace, and actively promotes occupational safety and prevents occupational hazards with the goal of providing a safe working environment for colleagues. For the employees who operate the controlled radiation equipment, it is also required to be trained to obtain the operation qualification certificate and to be retrained regularly every year to reduce the occurrence of industrial safety accidents.




Additional Ways to Promote Health in the Workplace

In March 2020, according to the Labor Health Protection Rules, MA-tek hired 1 full-time occupational nurse stationed in the factory according to the range regulation of the Company’s number of laborers as 300–900, and established a Health Center to provide employees with health education, caring and assistance, assist in performing physical health data analysis to help employees familiarize themselves with their own health status.