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Environmental Protection

Climate Change and Adaption

As a member of the earth family, MA-tek cares about the sustainable development of earth, pays attention to environmental issues, and improves the environmental management mechanism with due diligence to reduce the impact of economic activities on the environment. In view of the continuous intensification of climate change that has caused a continuous increase of heavy rainfall and water shortages in Taiwan, which may affect the Company’s daily operations. In order to ensure that the impact of climate change on the Company’s operations is minimized, MA-tek continues to pay attention to the impact of climate change on the environment, and pays attention to common climate risks.


Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most serious problems in today’s society. Taiwan has also been continuously affected by heavy rainfall and drought in recent years. MA-tek has also reviewed climate risks to ensure the safety of employees and property. MA-tek refers to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) issued by the International Financial Stability Board (FSB), and examines the four elements of the report structure to assess the climate related risks and opportunities MA-tek is facing at the moment.



Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Management

As a testing center with a wide range of high-tech and valuable instruments, MA-tek has gradually gathered statistics regarding the information of each laboratory to understand that most of the energy usage comes from laboratory electricity consumption and business vehicle fuel.According to statistics of seven laboratories in Taiwan, the average annual total electricity consumption from 2019 to 2021 was about 12,771MWh, and the fuel consumption of business vehicles was about 38.2 thousand liters. The total calorific value of energy use has increased by about 14% year by year. The average annual emission of greenhouse gases is about 6,555.20 metric tons from 2019 to 2021, a year-by-year increase of about 13.26%, which is in line with the trend of electricity consumption and the trend is flat if examining the energy intensity in the past three years.


MA-tek’s official vehicles are mainly used to pick up and drop off customer samples and are frequently used. At present, the Company’s vehicles have been evaluated for replacement with electric vehicles in order to reduce Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions. Regarding Scope 2, since the orientation of MA-tek is technical testing services, it is more difficult to generate energy-saving benefits on the equipment, and the Company will continue to strengthen the assessment of the possibility of energy-saving. Other public electricity is mainly for lighting and central air-conditioning, and has been gradually phased out with LED lighting equipment.





Effective Resource Management

Although the earth is vast, with the development and cultivation of human beings, there are fewer and fewer renewable resources available. As a company operating across countries, MA-tek cares about the earth, the common hometown of mankind, from the perspective of a global citizen. MA-tek continues to carry out internal publicity, and requests the managers of each business group to lead by example, implement life saving and resource recycling, and take the management of local resources as the actual starting point, and make a contribution to the earth homeland.



Water Resources Management

MA-tek is located in Science Parks, and the source of water usage for all laboratories is tap water. The laboratories currently listed in the statistics are all located in Taiwan. According to public information provided by the World Water Institute, MA-tek Taiwan’s water source is not a scarce water resource area. Because it is mainly used for administrative water (such as drinking water, toilets), there is not much water used in the laboratory, and the water consumption is similar to that of a general office.




Waste Management

MA-tek is a testing and inspection unit and mainly produces general waste and hazardous waste. General waste is office paper and other domestic waste generated in ordinary offices. Hazardous waste mainly comes from laboratories. There are two main types of hazardous waste in laboratories: laboratory-produced waste liquid and scrap metal. General waste is disposed by the building management bureau, so there is no record of the total quantity; the hazardous waste is disposed by the contractors separately.

For the domestic waste generated in the office area, all are with recycle and reuse as the priority.MA-tek has set up garbage sorting bins in the Tea & Water Room and garbage disposal area to classify waste into the categories of general garbage, paper, plastic, glass, iron and aluminum cans, kitchen waste, and encourages colleagues to reuse copy paper, to reduce the production of general business waste by implementing garbage sorting, and move towards the goal of garbage reduction and resourcization.



Toxic Chemical Substance Management

  • Obtain the Toxic Chemical Substance Operation License according to the regulatory requirements.
  • Annual regular maintenance and functional testing on environmental detectors.