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Message from the Chairman

The trend of the times pushes forward the industry development, and MA-tek strongly defends the role of technology R&D partners

In the past two years, the world has faced two major challenges, namely the US–China trade war and the COVID-19 outbreak, which have caused a severe impact on society and also led to an increase in the demand for the semiconductor industry. The trade war has driven the evolution of the third-generation semiconductor and advanced process trends. Benefiting from the strong demand for new materials and new process research and development, the overall market has reached the largest scale in history. The COVID-19 epidemic has affected the ecology of the entire industry. In response to the trend of localization, global companies have turned to seek local resources. MA-tek has set up overseas labs in Nagoya Japan, Shanghai and Xiamen one step ahead, and established a complete analysis service production line, so that the overall operation has a substantial growth. For this reason, even under the double attack of the US–China trade war and the epidemic, MA-tek’s global capital expenditure in 2021 still increased sharply, expanding rapidly to meet the huge market demand. With the wave of the trend of the times, MA-tek still adheres to the original intention of starting the business, holds fast to the key role of technology research and development partners.


Taiwan’s operations have also maintained steady growth. In 2021, many major technology companies expanded their locations in southern Taiwan, driving the demand for analysis in the southern region. In order to provide more immediate nearby services, MA-tek established the Tainan Lab II in Tainan Science Park, with the scale is equivalent to three times that of the Tainan First Lab. In terms of the northern region, the proportion of foreign businessmen coming to Taiwan to set up R&D centers has increased, and several technology leaders have expanded their operations in Zhubei Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, pushing the momentum of MA-tek Zhubei Lab II upward. Since the establishment in 2002, MA-tek is going to enter its 20th year. MA-tek has always set our sights on the world, expanded overseas, and established 12 laboratories around the world so far. MA-tek promises to continue to expand with the industry development, acting as a Precision Analytical Instruments Center of High-tech Industry, a Necessary Functional Unit of High-tech Industrial Parks, and a Medical Center of High-tech Products, growing with customer together, and realizing our vision of “MA-tek is available to serve you in every Science Park.”



Attach importance to customer relationship, maintain operating capacities, and providing the most professional and reassuring service

As the country’s largest analytical laboratory, MA-tek has always been proud to provide customers with accurate and efficient high-quality analysis services. MA-tek has passed multiple certification standards under strict quality management policies, including the international quality certifications of ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification, IECQ 17025 Lab Certification, ISO 27001 Information Security Certification, TUV NORD Certification for Automotive Electronics Verification, ANSI/ESD S20.20 Electrostatic Prevention Verification and ISO/IEC 15408 CC EAL6 IT Security On-site Evaluation Certification.


MA-tek passed the A-level Verification of Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) in 2021, formulated the intellectual property strategy that combines the Company’s operating goals and R&D resources, and established an operation model that creates Company value through intellectual property rights, which not only protects the Company’s freedom of operation, but also maintains innovation energy, on the other hand, it can also strengthen the competitive advantage and help the business profit and achieve operating goals.


At the same time, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, MA-tek has independently developed the UFAST customer service system, regardless of whether it is the submission of cases, technical consultations and quotations, the customers can always receive timely services from the technical team and customer service personnel online. In addition, through the implementation of new intelligent experiments, information systemization, process standardization and production line automation, we can always grasp the status of personnel, work orders, machine status and the progress of experiments at any time. We also officially introduced the PMS system in the third quarter of 2021, to strengthen the operation model and optimize the production process, expecting to become the global E-based laboratory through the systematic process, to be the strongest R&D support for customers.


At present, MA-tek’s services are still mainly based on semiconductor ICs. With the development of science and technology, MA-tek will develop toward multi-oriented high-tech value-added services, and work together with partners in the science parks to develop deeper and broader technologies. In addition to expanding into 5G-related applications in Mainland China, Japanese automotive electronic fuel cells, Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, etc., the scope of development in recent years came to include applications in non-manufacturing areas, with infringement identification of high-end technology products, insurance compensation evaluation for high-tech products, archaeological identification of ancient cultural relics, and biotechnology product inspection all having become a stage for MA-tek. In the future, all front-end trends ranging from AI to Data Centers are the service opportunities for MA-tek. MA-tek will continue to invest in advanced analysis equipment to provide customers with strong and powerful support, to make the customers more competitive in the global supply chain. All demands of high-end inspection will be included in MA-tek’s service radius.



“Talent” is the core technology of MA-tek, government–industry–university three-dimensional connection to master the front-end technology

MA-tek understands the high mobility of talents in the technology industry, retaining talents and continuing to improve technology capabilities is an important task for MA-tek’s long-term development. In order to consolidate the foundation and enhance competitiveness, MA-tek continues to focus on talent cultivation, planning systematic training for employees and stabilizing the core competence of colleagues. At the same time, MA-tek promises to create a happy and safe working environment for employees, provide a diverse employee benefits system, and provide complete safety protection equipment for employees carrying out high-risk operations through regular environmental operation monitoring to reduce risk hazards and ensure a safe working environment.


MA-tek not only cultivates company talent, but also actively promotes Taiwan’s technological and academic development, and cultivates academic talent through industry-university linkages and supporting academic research projects. In May 2021, MA-tek officially started the Industry–Academia Cooperation Project, with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Basic Research Core Facility Service Center” as a cooperation platform, including National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, Tsinghua University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Central University, National Chung Hsing University, National Cheng Kung University and National Sun Yat-sen University for a total of eight Universities.


In the first year, a total of 20 projects were approved to be subsidized, with an investment of NTD 20 million, using advanced analysis and detection technology to assist in the implementation of research projects, supporting academic units in the early-stage research and development of innovative components, materials and innovative ideas.At the same time, MA-tek has specially set up a “New Technology Channel | Collaboration Column,” inviting cooperating professors to write special articles to introduce the most popular and advanced scientific and technological research and development content, and invites them to MA-tek to conduct in-depth analysis for customers and colleagues, and join hands with customers to grasp the next-generation key industrial technologies as early as possible, and continue to enhance the core competitiveness of colleagues through new technological knowledge.


Finally, MA-tek promises that while driving the development of the country’s cutting-edge industries, we will give back to society through corporate power, exert positive influence with actions, and gradually implement the sustainable development of talent, society, environment and economy, and convey the concept of sustainability to every corner of society to build a national society of common prosperity.