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MA-tek Has Approved 2022 Intellectual Wealth Management & Intellectual Property Disclosure Review!


MA-tek Has Been Approved by the 2022 Intellectual Wealth Management & Intellectual Property Disclosure Review!

Congratulations! MA-tek has been approved by the qualification review of the Industry Bureau on May 4th (Wed.) and was chosen to introduce the “Intellectual Wealth Management and Intellectual Property Disclosure System” with government guidance in 2022.



The three companies that passed this time’s selection review include MA-tek, LIGITEK Electronics and ADATA Technology. The selected companies are eligible for government funding and will serve as role models for others in the Taiwan industry after the introduction and implementation of the Intellectual Wealth Management and Intellectual Property Disclosure System.


In truth, MA-tek adopted the TIPS A-level Management System in 2021. The implementation of the TIPS management system enabled the standardization of R&D process management through the implementation of patent search, a reward system, education and training, etc., thus providing guidance to the R&D team on transforming the innovative analysis technologies they developed into patented intellectual property assets for the company. It also enabled the company to provide customers with greater value-added intellectual property strategy services. However, the problem is that the company’s current intellectual property disclosure documentation and practices are still too simplistic. They only meet the basic requirements for compliance with the TIPS management system and are therefore unable to effectively help all the company’s stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors, etc., fully understand every aspect of the company’s intellectual property development strategy and our powerful core competence on technical intellectual property.


After the adoption of the “Intellectual Wealth Management and Intellectual Property Disclosure System”, MA-tek will be able to establish a more complete set of application documentation and evaluation processes for the disclosure review operations on intellectual property, thus ensuring that all the company’s innovative research results and technical intellectual property are guaranteed. At the same time, we will be able to issue an intellectual property report every year to provide customers and investors with more complete intellectual wealth information so as to strengthen our image as innovation professionals and attract more orders and investments, effectively increasing the company’s revenue growth as we strive to become the best R&D partner in the global technology industry.



List of Vendors Who Passed the Intellectual Wealth Management and Intellectual Property Disclosure System Review in 2022.

01.LIGITEK Electronics Co., Ltd. / Yeang Jen & Associates

02.ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. /Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office
03.Materials Analysis Technology Inc. / Deloitte Business Law Firm



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