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MA-tek 2021 Sustainability Report Now Available Online


In Line with International Trends; The DNA of Sustainable Operations

The advancement of the technology industry and its corresponding economic development have brought about new risks. As the enterprise continues to grow, its current operating conditions can no longer be fully represented by simple financial reports. Meanwhile, sustainable operation has become a common goal worldwide. The United Nations proposed the 《Who Cares Wins》 initiative in 2004, which stated that “ESG actions and scores can be used to evaluate the longevity and financial performance of a company”. This means that an ESG is not only the substantive actions an enterprise takes to fulfill its social responsibility but also a checklist for an enterprise’s investors, shareholders and important stakeholders.


MA-tek has kept abreast of these international developments. In addition to ensuring the open and transparent disclosure of financial information, we have been paying close attention to environmental sustainability, social participation, and other issues of interest to corporate stakeholders. We aim to strengthen our corporate governance with an eye towards self-evaluation. To achieve sustainable operations, we will strive not only to become a green enterprise that is friendly to the environment but also to further enhance our ability to create a happy workplace. We hope not only to coexist but to prosper together!


An ESG is not only a demonstration of sustainable competitiveness but also an important language with which enterprises can connect with the world.

“ESG” stands for “Environment”, “Social”, and “Governance” respectively. This means that performance scores are based on environmental sustainability, social engagement, corporate governance, and corporate commitment to talent development and a happy workplace. In short, it is a comprehensive review of a corporation’s social responsibility performance. The preparation of Sustainability Reports by listed OTC companies has become a global trend. This means having not only transparent financial reports but also a stable, low-risk operating model that can thrive in the face of social and environmental influences.



The Financial Supervisory Commission has announced the “Corporate Governance 3.0 Sustainable Development Blueprint”. In the future, we will focus on “strengthening the functions of the board of directors and enhancing the sustainable value of the enterprise”, “improving information transparency and promoting sustainable management”, “strengthening our communication with stakeholders and creating solid communication channels”, “ensuring due diligence in governance in accordance to international norms” and “enhancing the company’s sustainable governance culture and providing more diverse products”. These five major axes will guide the development of our corporate governance, our practice of corporate social responsibility and our implementation of ESG goals.



In this post-pandemic era of change, MA-tek takes the initiative to implement sustainable development.

FSC regulations require enterprises in the food, chemical, financial and insurance industries and listed OTC companies with capital exceeding five billion yuan to prepare Sustainability Reports. Starting in 2023, listed OTC companies with capital of more than two billion yuan will also be required to compile these reports. By preparing a Sustainability Report, organizations can demonstrate the effectiveness of their corporate social responsibility measures. Enterprises not required to prepare and publish Sustainability Reports by current regulations can proactively choose to do so to help enhance awareness of sustainable development and respond to the expectations of stakeholders.


A deep understanding of the importance of sustainable management has led MA-tek to take the initiative and begin compiling Sustainability Reports in 2021 even though we have not yet reached the threshold for those required to do so. Working hand-in-hand with international partners, we will continue to strive to provide “precise and accurate, efficient and effective” services to our customers while paying close attention to matters such as talent cultivation and employee rights, giving back to society through regular and irregular charitable donations, and inspiring the disadvantaged. Additionally, in the face of environmental protection issues, we will abide by environmental regulations for comprehensive processing and follow-ups. We will do our best to grow with you.


MA-tek is focused on refining the contents of our issue management policy. Through the company website, customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback, investor’s corner, stock agencies and various other communication channels, we have collected our stakeholders’ sustainability concerns, identified 21 relevant issues, and determined “Stakeholders’ Degree of Concern” for these issues. In addition, we have had the “Operational Impact” of various issues on MA-tek evaluated internally and identified MA-tek’s ten core concerns for 2021. Two major topics have been added since 2020: “Tax Management” and “Social Participation”.


MA-tek’s 10 Core Concerns

  • Customer Privacy: Establish a management mechanism to prevent the leakage of customer privacy information and adhere to relevant domestic and foreign regulations.
  • Technical Service and Quality: Establish quality standards (including international certifications) and implement a service quality management system to provide stable, high-quality testing services.
  • Information Security: Formulate information security policies, ensure the stability of the information system, and maintain company and customer data.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Publicize relevant laws and regulations to fully expose major cases of environmental and labor regulations violations.
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Management: Invest in technological innovation and development, improve testing services, and improve the new intellectual property management procedures.
  • Customer Relations and Development: Provide a customer service platform and troubleshooting mechanism, investigate customers’ satisfaction with services, and explore and develop potential customers and market demands.
  • Taxation Management: Comply with tax regulations and disclose tax information in financial statements and annual reports.
  • Social Participation: Promote social welfare through actions such as participating in industry-university cooperation projects, making charitable donations, supporting diverse education and caring for the disadvantaged.
  • Sustainable Development Strategies: Set business goals that are sustainable in terms of economic performance, environmental protection and social participation.
  • Recruitment and Development: Formulate strategies for recruiting outstanding talents, plan professional and technical training, and assist employees with career development.



We Welcome You to Read MA-tek’s 2021 ESG Report

MA-tek’s Sustainability Report was entrusted to the Deloitte & Touche accounting firm for verification of compliance with the benchmarks of the “Operational Procedures for Compiling and Filing Corporate Social Responsibility Reports by OTC companies” of the Republic of China Securities OTC Trading Center and the principles at the core of the GRI Standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It has subsequently obtained an official certification.



All interested parties are welcome to download MA-tek’s 2021 ESG Report. Understand that we at MA-tek strive to be proactive in transparency and openness and to govern the company with efficiency and in compliance with all relevant laws. We are concerned with environmental sustainability, social engagement and other issues and are committed to our customers, employees, upstream and downstream suppliers and partners. Our goal is to enable the enterprise to operate and develop sustainably.


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