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Social Welfare

Charitable Donations

Christmas Charity Gift Collection Event

Since 2017, Chairperson Yong-Fen Hsieh has led MA-tek to join the ranks of gift collection, and encouraged employees and their families to voluntarily buy for Christmas wish gifts, including Christmas wish cards and Christmas shoe boxes for children in remote areas, by collecting more to achieve small self into big self, and inspiring the disadvantaged children who need to be cared for with warmth and happiness.However, due to the epidemic in 2021, we were notified to suspend donation activities. MA-tek will continue to care for the long-term cooperated Miao Li Love of Life Foundation, and take the initiative to return to the ranks of loving charity when the gift collection activities reopened.


Subsidy for the purchase of remote teaching equipment

Facing the continuous spread of the epidemic, campus education has been forced to transform into distance teaching, so it is faced with the challenge of insufficient hardware and equipment in schools or homes, whether it is the limitation of home network speed problems, or the lack of computers, peripheral hardware or vehicles, it will make the distance learning, which is highly dependent on networked devices, become very difficult.MA-tek donated NTD 500,000 to “Hsinchu Municipal Min Fu Primary School” in 2021 as a subsidy for the purchase of distant learning equipment to reduce the stumbling blocks in children’s learning caused by environmental factors.



Support Diverse Education

Blue Sky Home Project

“Do not fail to do good no matter how petty the deed; do not engage in evil no matter how trivial the deed.” MA-tek actively participates in social charity. Chairperson Yong-Fen Hsieh attaches great importance to the learning and development of young people, and has assisted disadvantaged students for a long time in her own name, supplementing this with all kind of resources. She expresses: “Young people are the masters of the country’s future. Only by continuous education can there be hope for the future. By doing so, this program can get the ball rolling in attracting new ideas, to arouse more people to care for disadvantaged groups in society and to help the weak and aid those in need, so that every child can grow and become strong in the company of love.” 


"Blue Sky Home Work-Study Fund” Signing Ceremony

MA-tek launched the “Blue Sky Home Project” with the Office of Deep Cultivation for Disadvantaged Groups of Tsing Hua University in 2020, to set up the work-study fund.Blue Sky Home is a halfway house for teenagers at risk, in order to solve the problems of facing rebellious period, academic pressure and making friends in addition to the great changes in the family, MA-tek provided NTD 1 million in 2020 to invite students from Tsing Hua University going to the “Blue Sky Home” to provide school tutoring for the children in the Blue Sky Home.



Taiwan Materials Science Microstructure Image Aesthetics Competition

MA-tek not only focuses on providing customers with the most professional analysis services, but also contributes to cultivating outstanding professional talents, encouraging students in the field of material science to develop their creativity and imagination while cultivating professional skills, and enjoy the learning of boundless science.

MA-tek plays a leader in the industry with its electron microscope specialty, and has maintained a good interactive relationship with the Materials Research Society-Taiwan (MRS-T) for a long time, and exclusively sponsored the “2021 Taiwan Materials Science Microstructure Image Aesthetics Competition” hosted by the Chinese Society for Materials Science in 2021, with the groups divided into Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) imaging group, Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) imaging group, Optical Microscopy (OM), X-ray or various imaging analysis instruments, hoping through the scientific properties of materials captured by the visual image analysis instruments, combining the imagination and creativity to convey the unique aesthetic qualities of scientific images.

Awards Ceremony



Promoting People with Disabilities

For a long time, visually impaired people cannot be as free as ordinary people in their daily lives, learning, and interpersonal communication because of their relative inconvenience in independent mobility, and they are even subject to all types of restrictions and difficulties in self-realization. For disadvantaged people, general social welfare mechanisms and facilities can only provide support in their daily lives, but these are far from adequate for embodying their self-worth. How to help visually impaired people rebuild their confidence and dignity is an issue of the first priority.

MA-tek actively responds to the care for disadvantaged groups, recruits people with disabilities and hires visually impaired people to provide massage services, and provides more opportunities for disadvantaged groups to integrate into the social system, so as to realize social value and enhance self-recognition, and also to provide the Company colleagues with a way to relieve stress and boost spirits through massage services to improve their work efficiency.



Support Taiwan’s Agricultural Products

Taiwan is currently the country with the largest planting area of sugar apples, the best production technology, and the best quality in the world, and Taitung, especially, is the most important planting place. Compared with the traditional sugar apple, the pulp of pineapple sugar apples is chewier, with high sweetness and a bit of sourness. Because it combines the aroma of pineapple, it is also called the “Pineapple (Prosperous) Sugar Apple.” In the past, Taiwan’s best pineapple sugar apples were mainly exported. In 2021, due to the impact of policy on the export of pineapple sugar apples, MA-tek purchased 500 boxes of pineapple sugar apples from the 40th Group of the Taimali Sugar Apple Agriculture Production and Marketing Groups, to support the local fruit with practical actions. Through this purchasing opportunity, MA-tek customers and colleagues can taste these delicious fruits from Taimali Township, Taitung County. The fruits are plump, rich, sweet and nutritious.


Buying Taitung’s abundantly produced pineapple sugar apples helps fruit growers

MA-tek colleagues happily took a group photo after receiving the pineapple sugar apples



Support Taiwan’s Sports and Arts and Culture Activities

In order to improve the social arts and cultural environment, cultivate the vision of art appreciation, so that employees and their families can have more exposure to art in life, enrich their lives and broaden their horizons, MA-tek purchases tickets for arts and cultural groups, concerts from time to time as gifts to employees and their families, to introduce diverse and international high-quality arts and cultural activities by means of art sponsorship, including the Mystery Theater of Mud River University, Faust Theater, and Folk Singer Concerts; it also encourage employees to participate more in arts and cultural performances and art exhibition activities, for them to have more opportunities to experience the artistic atmosphere, cultivates their body and mind while enhancing their vision of identifying art, and expands their broader vision.


In 2021, due to the epidemic, many opportunities for physical public welfare activities have been reduced. The Company still has plans to continue sponsoring sports competitions and other competition activities. During the 2021 Christmas holiday, customers were invited to the Hsinchu Municipal Gymnasium to support the Hsinchu local professional basketball team – Hsinchu JKO Lioneers, and specially produced MA-tek’s 20th anniversary joint commemorative jerseys, which were given to MA-tek employees and customers who attended the event as gifts, and arranged for the excellent players of Hsinchu JKO Lioneers to sign autographs for everyone after the game, to spend a wonderful Christmas weekend together!

2021 Support Hsinchu Local Professional Basketball Team – Hsinchu JKO Lioneers