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Technical Concept

Field-emission Auger electron Microscope (FE-AES) is a surface-sensitive tool to collect surface information with a thickness of 5-8 nm to obtain qualitative and semi quantitative composition analysis.

JEOL JAMP-9500F is a field-emission Auger electron microscope (FE-AES). It is equipped with a semi-sphere energy analyzer (HSA) and the optimal electron energy resolution is 0.05%. In addition, the spatial resolution of the system’s SEM is 3 nm and 8 nm for the Auger mapping.

FE-AES is a surface-sensitive tool to collect surface information with a thickness of 5-8 nm. Qualitative and semi-quantitative composition analyses can be obtained. Besides, with the help of the installed ion sputter gun, inter-diffusion among multi-layer can be analyzed. Also, the thickness of the contaminant can be evaluated by regularly monitoring the composition content of the surface residue. With the help of the database, it can provide chemical state analysis, especially for the transition elements. Depth distribution of different co-existed chemical states can be also obtained.






  1. (multi-points) Multi-points AES analysis
  2. (depth profile) AES depth profile
  3. AES mapping analysis
  4. Surface cleanness monitoring
  5. Chemical state analysis
  6. Surface composition and semi quantitative content analysis
  7. Surface oxide layer thickness evaluation
  8. Dopant analysis, larger than 0.1%










Application Case

(a) Depth profile of a Al pad

(b) AES of a Al pad


(c) Chemical state analysis on iron oxide

(d) AES mapping on a TSV




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