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FIB circuit repair

FIB circuit repair is an important service for IC design houses. MA-tek currently has 15 single beam FIBs for circuit repair service. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to give prompt service to our customers. In other words, Ma-tek provides the most precise, accurate, efficient, and effective quality to our customers. 




Technical Concept

FIB uses Ga as the ion source, which emits Ga ions by a negative electric field. The ion beam is then focused on a sample surface by an electric lens system and its beam size can be controlled by an automatic variable aperture. Because the mass of Ga ions is much larger than that of electrons, FIB can be used to remove materials or make nano-lithography on a sample surface.


A FIB can cut, etch, or deposit materials (metals, dielectric, and oxide materials) for repairing circuits of ICs. Furthermore, the etching rate can be enhanced by a gas assistant etching (GAE) system, currently applicable for removing materials of polymers, metals (Al & Cu), and oxides. For deposition, we have Pt, W, and oxide (TEOS).


Single beam FIB together with filed-emission electron microscopy is called dual beam FIB (DB-FIB). It can be used for sample cross-section inspection. Our advantage is holding various FIB facilities and professional experienced engineers. Thus, we provide the best FA services to our customers.





After its invention, FIBs were mainly used in research fields. After 1993, more applications were found for IC failure analysis in industry fields, especially for the TEM/SEM sample preparation. With the help of GAE systems, FIBs can be used for IC circuit repair to save time on changing masks.


MA-tek has various FIBs for service. We provide efficient and effective service to our customers. Most importantly, we keep investing in state-of-the-art equipment. Our service includes cutting and connecting wires, probing pads, cross-section observations, etc.


  1. Precision Cutting
  2. TEM Sample Preparation
  3. IC Circuit Editing and Verification
  4. Abnormal Process Analysis
  5. Ion Channeling Contrast for Grain Morphology Observation
  6. Auto-Navigation to Designated Failure Address
  7. Passive Voltage Contrast Analysis for Fault Isolation



Application Cases

(a) FIB circuit repai

(b) Sn Whisker cutting

(c) Cross-section observation of Pb-Sn Solder

(d) Cross-section observation of a sample


(a) Cross-section observation of a sample

(b) FIB IC circuit repair

(c) Cross-section observation under a solder ball

(d) IC abnormality observation


(a) Grain analysis/observation

(b) Cross-section observation

(c) FIB IC circuit repair

(d) Cross-section observation of a PCB board


(a) Probing pad 

(b) Big-area cross-section observation

(c) Cross-section observation after FIB circuit repair





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: fib@ma-tek.com

Shanghai Lab

Mr. Hsu

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