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Electrical Property Measurement

Technical Concept

This technology is used to identify the electrical characteristics, such as resistance, capacitance, and inductance of semiconductor devices. Characteristics measured from fail and normal chips could provide important clues for further failure analysis.





(a) Semiconductor parameter analyzer (HP4156C)

(b) Semiconductor parameter analyzer (Keysight B1500A)


(c) High voltage power supply (Keithley 2410)

(d) High voltage power supply (Keithley 2290, 5KV/5mA)


(e) Power supply with three pairs of ports (E3631A, 6V/5A, +/-25V/1A)

(f) Power supply (BK LPS505n, 32V/3A, 15V/5A)


(g) Numerical meter (34401A) 

(h) Oscilloscope (DSO-X 3104A)


(i) DC electronic load (DC electronic load 63600)

(j) Waveform generators (Keysight 33500B)


(k) Power device analyzer (Keysight B1506A, +/-3KV/20A)






  • Low leakage measurement (such as LED or Solar cell dark current measurement).
  • Characterization for Devices, such as CMOS, BJT, and BiCMOS IC.
  • Spice parameter measurement.
  • Circuit open/short test, C-V, inductor, and DC/AC measurement of IC.


NMOS Vds-Ids characteristic curve

PMOS Vds-Ids characteristic curve




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