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Technical Concept

Optical Microscopy(OM)is used to display the surface morphology of samples by 2D intensity contrast due to deflection and reflection of visible light shined on areas of interest.

Its resolution is about half of the incident wavelength, which is ~0.2 μm for visible light (wavelength of 400-700 nm). Such resolution limits the maximum magnification to X1000, and thus optical microscopy provides preliminary inspection of sample surface structure.





(a) 50-1000X (b) 100-500X / 40-200X / 5-75X (c)50-1000X 





The application of optical microscopy includes:

  1. IC cross-section observation
  2. Delayer structure analysis and observation
  3. Precipitate free zone observation
  4. Dislocation and over-etch observation
  5. Oxidation enhanced stacking faults research


(a) Metal (b) Poly (c) OD/AA




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