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Technical Concept

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is powerful to inspect the surface topography and microstructure of solid samples.

MA-tek provides many high-resolution FE-SEM(Field Emission-SEM), such as Hitachi S-4800 and S-8020. It can be used for inspecting a selected layer of an IC sample with skillful delayering and a cross-section of that with CP(ion milling).


The magnification of SEM is up to several hundreds of a thousand times. A selected additional component of energy dispersive spectrometer(EDS)of X-ray provides a semi-quantitative identification of sample elements and thus great information on material compositions and impurities.














  1. Planar and cross-sectional inspection for the microstructure on various sample surfaces.
  2. Multilayer sample inspection with precise thickness measurement.
  3. Qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of sample element distribution.
  4. Low voltage SEM can be used for passive voltage contrast (PVC), applied for failure analysis to locate the areas of poor metal contact, leakage, and high resistance.
  5. Many local SEM images can be reconstructed to a global image. Such technology combined with a delayering process can be used for global images of each IC layer. Cross-comparing such optical microscopy images provide great information for reverse engineering of circuits.
  6. Providing a precise inspection for failures located by EMMI (Emission Microscope) or OBIRCH (Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change).

(a)Plan-view observation of DRAM cell after removing capacitors 

(b) Cross-sectional X-S SEM analysis DRAM cells at word line stitch

(C) Typical X-S SEM observation of IC devices, 2M1P

(d) Plan-view SEM observation of ESD failure

(e) IC reverse engineering

(f) Passive Voltage Contrast(PVC)




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Taiwan|Tainan Lab

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Shanghai Lab

SEM team

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Xiamen Lab

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