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Technical Concept

Spreading Resistance Probe (SRP) is a powerful tool for analyzing many properties of semiconducting materials, such as junction depth, resistance, and carrier concentration/distribution.

The technical concept is applying a bias on two probes by placing on a DUT with fixed spacing and measuring the resistance. Junction depth and carrier concentration can be obtained after further calculations.


Samples are first mounted on a sample holder with a small tilted angle. In order to expose the surface of the junction, diamond paste is used to prepare the sample. Then two probes are engaged to measure the resistance of flash surface of DUT. In the end, resistivity or carrier concentration versus with depth can be obtained.





  1. Carrier Concentration and depth effective carrier concentration analysis
  2. Depth resistivity distribution analysis
  3. Junction Depth and Junction depth analysis
  4. Concentration distribution analysis for deep junction
  5. Ion implantation monitor after annealing






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