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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

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Surface Mount Technology(SMT)

To provide timely service and stable product quality, MA-tek has set up a SMT assembling line for our customers. This SMT line includes solder paste printing machine (Solder Paste Printer), solder paste inspection machine (SPI), SMT (Mounter), reflow furnace, and high-magnification optical microscope.


The ambient control of the reflow furnace provides better quality of the soldering. The amount of solder paste and the Cpk of solder paste printing quality are automatically checked, respectively. All these functions can help to eliminate the risk of quality resulting from the traditional blind spot sampling measurements.


For the wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) process, underfill is also provided. To meet the scaling of the component, SMT (Mounter) in MA-tek is capable to handle the pin pitch as small as 0.25 mm, which is in a leading position in the domestic region.


MA-tek SMT Line


Schematic diagram of SMT technology




Solderability Test

The specification defines test methods including tin CHANNEL solder pot bath, wetting method (Solder Bath / DIP), surface mount simulation (Surface Mount Simulation Test) , etc, in which surface mount simulation method is the most common and mainstream. PCB Pad size design also has standards.



BGA Solderability testing sample




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