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The applications and development of LED products are maturing. Naturally, different applications have different quality requirements. This is particularly important for the continuing innovations in new processes and materials. Aside from the specifications identified by individual manufacturers, the influence of service life is almost entirely based on the AEC Q-101 standards.


Unlike other electronic components, which are tested based on voltage, LED products are categorized by their electrical current control factors. They are extremely sensitive to environmental ESD and heat dissipation, which are critical to service life.


Feasible LED Tests:


  1. Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD) Test:These are focused mainly on the HBM and CDM tests.
  2. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)Manage the hierarchy and categorization of components for different surface mount devices (SMD).
  3. Thermal Resistance (Θth) and Tj Estimation:High-wattage LED products need to be equipped with better heat dissipation capabilities. Measuring thermal resistance is essential to finding the most appropriate materials and heat dissipation modes and extending a product’s lifespan.
  4. Light-On Lifetime Test:These tests are conducted under various combinations of electrical currents, temperatures, and moisture levels.
  5. Intermittent Operational Life (IOL):This quick and stringent testing method provides the most realistic simulation of actual use.
  6. Environmental Aging Test:Outdoor products have a higher risk of corrosion. Causes can range from contact with salty showers to acidic gases depending on the region.
  7. Mechanical Stress Test:These cover the effects of push-pull forces, vibrations, shocks, etc. endured after top-level assembly according to the product’s purpose and uses and the environment it will be subjected to. This highlights the product’s defects.
  8. Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Code):High-end products require high levels of water and dust resistance. Outdoor products in particular must undergo strict testing to ensure product stability.
  9. Life Expectancy:Typical battery life tests calculate the product’s activation energy, allowing for a more accurate life expectancy.
  10. Other Tests:Other common tests include Solderability, the Pressure Cooker Test (PCT), Heat Resistance, etc.

In addition to providing LED-related reliability tests, MA-tek established integrated spheres, which allow customers to see firsthand the differences in optical properties before and after processes, shortening testing times. In addition, MA-tek has built a large-scale temperature and humidity testing machine, which provides a more stable testing environment for LED products.



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