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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

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Delayer & Parallel Lapping

Technical Concept

This technology uses chemical solution/gas etching and mechanical polish to gradually remove different metal and oxide layers inside an IC chip. It can also be used to expose a selected layer when needed.


Parallel lapping uses a chemical solution, etching gases, or mechanical polish to remove materials layer by layer including metal and oxide layers. Parallel lapping at a specific layer of interest can be well controlled.





Reactive ion etcher (RIE)


Polish equipment





Ma-tek is a professional in IC delayer [parallel lapping] with three different processes:

  • Chemical wet etching
  • RIE dry etching
  • Mechanical polish



OM Imaging


SEM Imaging




Taiwan|SoC Lab

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Taiwan|JB Lab

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Taiwan|Tainan Lab

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Xiamen Lab

Ms. Huang

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Shenzhen Lab

Mr. Wu

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