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Technical Concept

The Infrared Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change(IR OBIRCH), is a failure analysis tool used to detect IR illumination induced resistance changes. 

It uses an IR laser with a wavelength of 1340 nm to systematically scan a voltage-added IC device. The just-scanned area absorbs illuminated photons to change its resistance and thus alter its sensing current. In general, the resistance variation at a failure position is different than that for a normal area, which leads to distinct sensing currents. Thus, a position with current variation that is clearly different from other areas is probable of a failure point and is called a hot spot.


Such measurement could increase its sensitivity by adding a lock-in function. Furthermore, this technology can be used for backside measurement. Nowadays IR-OBIRCH is an indispensable important FA technology applied in IC development.











  • IDDQ failure analysis(Idd quiescent current)
  • Inspection of defect in the metal line (void, Si nodule)
  • Inspection of abnormal resistances at contact holes (such as improper via contact)
  • Inspection of metal or poly bridging.
  • Burnout detection for circuits or elements 
  • Gate oxide leakage detection
  • Failure analysis for ESD/Latch-up
  • P-N junction leakage or breakdown
  • Monitoring active elements [devices], such as transistors and diodes





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