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2D X-ray

Technical Concept

2D X-ray imaging is shining X-ray radiation on an object of interest and taking its transmission contrast.

It can be used to inspect an IC’s internal metallic materials or structure, such as bond wire, silver glue, lead frame, etc.





MA-tek has Feinfocus FXS-160.40 TIGER X-RAY and Dage XD7600NT.



Window control screen


Dage XD 7600NT





X-ray is mainly used for examination of PCB assembly failures

  • Examination of solder on active/passivity components
  • Number of holes and ratio counting
  • Mixing-system components


The devices we could analyze:

  • Inductors/Sensors
  • Relay
  • Fuse
  • Coils/Winding
  • Bond wire
  • IC and die adhesion interface inspection



 (a) 0° Tilt, 0° Rotate;(b) 55° Tilt, 45° Rotate;(c) 55° Tilt, 135° Rotate;(d) 55° Tilt, 225° Rotate;(e) 55° Tilt, 315° Rotate





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